Get to Know Us

CAMARINE Supervision has over 20 years’ experience of delivering technical talent and associated services in the marine, offshore, oil & gas, chemical and new energy industries. With strategic locations across China and APAC, we work with our customers to provide innovative and effective solutions to the challenges in the provision of professional talent and associated manpower services across their international operations. We work with national and international operating, engineering, and construction customers in China, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. In the successful delivery of manpower solutions, our core purpose is to provide high-value, high-quality, talent acquisition, talent deployment and contractor management services to all of our customers in the geographic locations in which we operate.

Why work with CAMARINE ?

  • We have vast experience in working with local and international customers in China and throughout APAC and understand the particular elements of service delivery that create a world-class manpower service.
  • We have deep and wide knowledge of the technical manpower services industry, and our management team has implemented successful recruitment, deployment, and management projects globally for over 25 years.
  • We recognize that value from our service offerings is defined by our customers, not by us. We seek conversations to understand specific needs and to ensure clear communication with our customers over the life of a project.
  • We are versatile and flexible in all aspects of customer service. This versatility includes our operational locations, commercial models, contractor care capabilities and responsiveness to changing customer requirements.
  • Our leadership team has unmatched expertise in technical manpower services and strive for consistency, necessary simplicity, and strict compliance with all legal and ethical requirements in the locations at which we operate.


Core Purpose & Values

“Our core purpose is to provide high value talent acquisition, talent deployment and associated manpower services to our customers across all locations in which we operate.

We strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our singular focus on the critical national infrastructure industries, valuing transparency, integrity and availability in our operations, people and throughout our business processes.

We work to balance the needs of our customers, our staff, and our technical experts with the expectations of our shareholders and wider commercial and community stakeholders in building a more sustainable world.”

Quality Accreditations

The industries we work in

Energy Transition
Emerging Technology
Oil and Gas